Connecting Cymasphere Windows to DAW

Ryan Johnson


Getting Started:

Watch video here.


  1. Open Cymasphere
  2. In the sidebar, open ‘MIDI I/O Devices’ menu
  3. Under Output, select ‘Cymasphere’. (This virtual MIDI port is created every time Cymasphere is launched)
  4. Open your DAW
  5. Create a software instruments track and load a software instrument (example uses Avid Pro Tools)

  6. Record enable the instrument track
  7. In Cymasphere, press the cymatic buttons to generate chord voicings
  8. MIDI should be being received by your instrument track, and you should see signal and hear audio in your DAW
  9. Great, you should be connected! To sync Cymasphere’s sequencer with your DAW, read this article.

    Still not seeing signal in your DAW?
    • Ensure that ‘Cymasphere’ is enabled as a MIDI input device in your DAW
    • Ensure that your instrument track is listening for MIDI from the ‘Cymasphere’ port
    • In the sidebar, open the Voice / Channel Matrix, and confirm that each voice is being sent out of at least 1 MIDI channel. (By default, each voice sends out MIDI channel 1)
    • We recommend using MIDI View (free Windows app by HauteTechnique) to help troubleshoot MIDI signal flow

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