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In my composition journey, Cymasphere has been a beacon. Its user-friendly approach to generating advanced harmonic structures has been a wellspring of inspiration. Truly, it’s been a transformative experience.

Shaun H

Music Composer

Skyrocket your productivity

Being a professional composer can be stressful! Your clients require high-quality and tailored pieces on strict deadlines.

It is important to be fast and efficient, but how are you supposed to deliver a masterpiece in such little time?

That’s where Cymasphere comes in. With Cymasphere, you can arrange soundtracks and compositions in a fraction of the time.

Imagine being able to play a symphony with a touch of a finger and explore intricate musical layers in seconds.

Gone are the days of having to write one note at a time or needing the ability to play an instrument with masterful technique. With Cymasphere, everything you need for creation is at your fingertips

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Discover the beautiful sounds of each scale and mode


Explore the nearly endless universe of chord possibilities


Smoothly connects your chord voicings by minimizing the leap between voices

Smart Chord

Cleverly morph highly unstable chord structures into usable shapes

Voice Count

Control the harmonic density of your voicings by using up to 12 voices


Transpose to any key, tonality, or modality with the press of a button


Add rhythmic intricacy to your chords using the sequencer’s inspiring patterns

MIDI Mapping

Use your favorite MIDI controllers to control any of Cymasphere’s features


Make every press count – Expressions give complete flexibility over the progression of your harmony


Firmly root your chord progressions through strong bass motion


Let your chord voicings sustain so each beautiful structure can be heard loud and clear

Color Themes

Set the scene for your track’s vibe with beautiful customized color themes


Uncover the unique qualities created by the union of scale with chord


Choose which note of a chord voicing gets prime harmonic real estate as the bass note


Customize and humanize your sequences and voicings using dynamic swells


Build your chords to start in the octave of your choice


Control the octave displacement of each note of your chord voicing

Sustain C.T.

Smoothly transition between chords by sustaining common tones

Enharmonic Spelling

Spell your chords to be easy to read or functionally accurate

Chord Prefix

Get practical by using Roman numerals to represent your progressions

MIDI Devices

Output MIDI to any of your favorite synths, virtual instruments, or DAWs

MIDI Matrix

Create lush textures by allowing each note of your voicings to be played by a different instrument

Audio Sampler

Use Cymasphere’s built in sampler to play any SFZ / SF2 instruments

Customizable Layout

Maximize your creative experience by showing or hiding Cymasphere’s UI elements

System Requirements


macOS 10.15 or later

available storage

Minimum 1GB




Windows 7 or later

available storage

Minimum 1GB




iOS 12 or later

available storage



Android 7 or later

available storage